Monday, January 28, 2013

Contemplating the Situation...

It has been a long time since I have been called to writing.  I have been watching and learning a lot in the months gone by.  I would now like to alert readers to areas where attention and change could benefit humanity in ways that may eliminate a lot of health dis-comforts and dis-eases.  Some of the dangers in the health industry may be fore harmful than anticipated.  This is a crisis.  It is my belief that much of this has been orchestrated over the years by a few who profit dearly from the suffering of others.

Many of us know that ObamaCare is just another tax behind a mask of 'government caring for you' or 'free medical'.  Where I find my greatest confusion is how so many people are not able, or willing, to examine what this 'universal' health care will be once it is rooted in society.  Many also do not connect CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (the global health care plan), which is under UN AGENDA 21, to 'universal health care'.  This is the plan for a 'sustainable future’, aka total management of human activities.  Socialized medicine under this long-planned agenda will lead us into more control, and restrictions on choices.  It is guaranteed to take away our choices in health care services, natural remedies, good food, etc.

There are many on the scene who are working hard to bring education to the many who are caught in the trap of consensus reality. (Fabricating consensus reality involves shaping individual perceptions to favor 'majority rule' or 'herd mind', where people either cannot or do not wish to consider anything outside the 'herd mind’ reality. It is designed so one thinks they have a choice, when in fact they are convinced to agree with the agenda.)  Consensus reality has shaped the human psyche for a very long time, creating a reality that is accepted as true, with little to no investigation of what the reality of a situation may in fact be.  Mass media propaganda, or the alternative media 'controlled opposition’, is a strong influence programming people and shaping their reality around health and health care.  Democrats and Republicans are only names; at the top, there is no distinction between the two, as both are signed onto the total control and taxation of our health through their scheme of 'universal management' of our bodies.  The choices of who can be treated, and who will die, are part of this agenda.  (see for further information)  The direction propaganda takes us is incremental.  ObamaCare is a step along the way toward the total implementation of CODEX AILMENTARIUS. (it was put into effect December 31, 2011)

What do we do?  First, come to recognize that health is a simple thing to achieve.  We need clean food, water, and air. This planet has provided all we need to sustain life. The number one focus for basic health management is simply having access to clean food, water, and air.

The food supply has been poisoned with various additives (many chemicals are not required to be listed on labels, and they are not on them); the very soil is depleted of needed trace minerals by the use of chemical fertilizers; produce is sprayed with pesticides; many products are genetically modified (GM or GMO); cattle and chickens are full of bovine growth hormones, plus many of them are being fed GMO feed.  When consumption of these toxic chemical materials meets our organic biology, over time there is a cost to our health due to slow, progressive imbalance of body functions.  It is toxicity and deficiency that lead to our health maladies.  Food is to be our medicine, and medicine is to be our food.  If it has been tainted by poison or altered to cause nutrient deficiencies, suffering with dis-comforts or dis-ease is the path that will be taken.

Water from most municipalities is extremely toxic, due to a substance that city officials refuse to remove: fluoride. Fluoride is so toxic that it is not allowed to be dumped into the ocean or into landfills, yet it is put into our drinking water supply.  Fluoride is a waste product from chemical plants.  When it is loaded onto a truck, it becomes a commodity for sale.  Cities purchase fluoride with tax money and dump it into the drinking water.  The barrels that transport it have a warning skull and crossbones 'poison' logo on them, yet the city councils and city workers seem to ignore that warning of poison.  They continue to purchase fluoride with TAX money and give back poison water to drink - not to mention the other toxins that are present in drinking water.  Research shows that fluoride reduces IQ and makes people passive.  Perhaps the reason there is no outcry is the damage has been effectively done.  This is a deliberate poisoning done to you by your 'elected' representatives of your city/county/state.

Air quality is also toxic.  Pollen is not the only thing in the air that creates sinus congestion, infection, or breathing difficulties,  Chem-trailing is a weather modification 'experiment' involving chemically spraying the atmosphere to influence weather patterns.  Often these are used with HAARP.  (please research this if more information is desired)  A very short list of the chemicals found in chemtrails includes barium, aluminum, and biological materials - nothing that is conducive to health.  The air needed to breathe is being poisoned.

That leads to a simple conclusion.  The basic essentials needed for good health have been corrupted, tampered with, poisoned, modified, and stripped of nutrient value.  This makes health a difficult thing to achieve.  The few things that will help our health - like herbs, or good food - are being made illegal, confiscated, or branded as folk medicine (aka snake oil), which many in the consensus reality will accept with no investigation of their own.  The push to take chemicals to remedy toxic or deficient conditions is the consensus reality put into the human psyche. These chemical medications do not add to the body the essentials to stimulate the healing process and restore health.

This alone should bring a huge outcry from all who want healthy lives, yet the scams and lies out there keep people tricked into participating in a system that is ineffective at promoting and maintaining health.  (I am not talking about acute critical care or the diagnostic tools of western models of medicine, I am speaking about the system's methods for treating diseases.  Remember… the cause of disease is either deficiency or toxicity).

One will soon begin to see the web that is being woven and the way one agenda piggybacks on another.  The smoke and mirrors of diversion turn heads away from the events that are taking place beyond the propaganda and consensus reality.  Toxic situations are planned and implemented – otherwise, why wouldn't city councilors and members of Congress avoid harming those they represent?  Have they been bribed to overlook integrity, honesty, and ethical practices?  Those in power refuse to acknowledge the dangers of any of this.  They seem to feel they can plan the world in the manner that suits them, regardless of the consequences to life.  They pass laws to encourage toxic practices and punish those who do not agree.  Who are these people?  Why are they doing this?

As I continued my research, I found that many strands are connected – as if there is a massive spiderweb forming a great trap for us to be tangled in.  When someone sees the web of deceit, that person is hastily discredited by propagandists.  Much of what is believed today to be a reality of safety, goodness, and 'working for the people', is just a lie.

My intention is to pull out all the stops on the criminal activities that are going on in our health services.  Much of this will also touch other areas of corruption.  As a spiderweb is connected, so is this scam on humanity.  This once great country is in great peril with health services, as it is in other areas of our lives.  It is time to come to grips with the corruption that has crept into this society.  A society that was built on the integrity of 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness' (property = your body) is facing grave danger.  The Founding Fathers understood the importance of freedom.  Humanity has a right to eat good food, drink good water, and breathe clean air.  When these basic needs are denied, a path will lead to tyranny and total slavery.  That will mean no rights, no ability to stay healthy, and no choices to move out of the corruption.  That will be the end of humanity.

All this may sound crazy; I assure you, I am not crazy.  What I share will be challenging to the thought process. We now stand on the edge of great change.  We can choose between two directions.   One will re-establish our humanity, as we take responsibility to protect life by removing from positions of governance those committed to psychopathic behavior.  The other will be a matrix prison, where everything is decided from cradle to grave in an oppressive, tyrannical system.  It is truly a choice between freedom, which requires responsibility, or slavery, which requires ignorance and a sense of entitlement.  The bliss of ignorance or the power of knowledge: that is the choice the world is currently facing.

Health concerns are a good place to begin to examine the web of deceit.  Without strong bodies and sound minds, lives are unproductive and easily victimized by pain and suffering that hold one hostage with large medical bills.  A tether is easily placed by insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as health is lost.  Without health, we miss the joy, beauty, fun, creativity, and pleasure of being human.

There is a lot more to life than the false reality being shoved down our throats.  Health is a birthright.  My questions are:  Why is there so little examination of the medical industry’s questionable ethics?  Why do they get away with deadly errors instead of being held accountable?  Why are they allowed to 'prescribe' dangerous medications that do the body more harm than good?  Perhaps it is time to become educated about the history of medicine and the powers who took control of it?  Why is there so much fear to tell those who peddle harm to STOP?  Clearly, people know there is something not quite right, yet there is a lack of knowledge as to what that is.

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Until then.......... Athena